My Lawn Crew

Providing Landscaping & Hardscaping Services in Raleigh & the Surrounding Areas

MyLawnCrew was founded to bring a fresh new approach to the lawn care industry. Our team members are experienced in lawn care and interact with everyone professionally. We leverage technology that makes it easy for our clients to work with us and we use equipment that helps us achieve optimal results.


Making a good first impression with clients and visitors is an important part of keeping your business successful. We are a full-service and year-round landscape maintenance provider. We can provide a variety of services to improve your commercial landscape. Let MyLawnCrew do the work with our professional services.


When our crew arrives, you’ll get more than just the “lawn guy” who stops by with a mower. MyLawnCrew’s elite team of residential yard professionals has built a longstanding reputation over being consistently meticulous and thorough. We treat each property with the attentive care and our homeowners with the utmost respect.


Our clients know us for our passion to exceed expectations. Our employees know us for caring for their growth and wellbeing both on and off the job. When you choose MyLawnCrew, you are not only investing in top quality landscaping services, but also investing in someone’s life and future.

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